You Do You Prevent Bee & Wasp Stings & Mosquito Bites this Summer & Fall in Versailles, KY

With every weather change, the types of pests that you are going to come across are going to change too. The warmer weather send more people outdoors and that means that the pests that are mainly found outdoors start to become more of a problem. In addition, when the weather starts to cool again, these pests will start making preparations which means they will be even more of a threat. These pests are troublesome for more than one reason. They fly around and can cause trouble when it comes to your outdoor activities and they can sting or bite which can cause health concerns for some people. All-Rite Pest Control has a list of the most common stinging and biting pests that you might come across this spring time and what you can do to prevent them.

Do Mosquitos Bite or Sting?

This is a pest that will start to come out when the weather changes and starts to warm up and will peak during summer. Mosquitoes are found near water including small ponds and even a smaller puddle that could be caused by a leaking faucet for example. The mosquito will lay its larva in and near the water and when they hatch the mosquitos hatch they come flying around the area and can start to cause trouble to the people nearby. They do not sting or bite, rather than insert a small tube like mouth piece that they use to draw blood from the host. They have been known to come out in the evening time when the sun is about to set but can be seen around during a nice sunny day too. They carry disease that can be transferred to a human. You can prevent the mosquitos from swarming near your home by being sure that you get rid of any standing water around your property.

Bees Guard & Defend Their Hive

The word is actually very general since there are many species and types of bees that are found all over the United States. There are three main kinds of bees that are most common and they are honey bees, bumble bees and carpenter bees. Each of these types of bees has one thing in common and that is they will defend their territory. If the hive is feeling like someone is getting to close and disturbing their home they will start to go on the attack. Each of the types of bees have a stinger and will use it to attack if needed. The honeybee is the only one that can sting just once since they have a barbed stinger. They stinger will get stuck in the skin and break off the body.

Are Wasps Aggressive to Humans

These are similar to a bee but can be identified and differentiated from a bee by their much more slender body. They also tuck their lower part of their body under when they fly. Wasps will sting and attack and can also be found near a water source. They also can sting and just like a bee the sting can be very painful.

Stinging Insect Control

If you are concerned with any stinging and biting pests, you can call All-Rite Pest Control to remove these threats. Call us for all your pest control needs.