Why Do Fly Infestations Increase in Hot Summer Weather in Versailles, KY? How Do You Keep Flies Away?

Everyone knows how annoying the presence of flies can be in and around your home. Their constant buzzing and what seems like sometimes a direct sky dive towards your face can become unbearable, especially if you have failed continuously to get them to go away. Summer time allows flies to thrive with an influx of flies almost everywhere you go. This is mostly due to the breeding cycle of flies as they reproduce only in the warmer months. All-Rite Pest Control outlines some of the dangers of flies as well as tips to keep them away below.

Can Flies Transmit Disease to Humans?

Not only are flies extremely annoying, but they can also spread dangerous bacteria throughout your home that will make you and your family members sick. Flies are capable of transmitting over 60 different diseases like dysentery, typhoid, cholera and gastroenteritis. Flies pick up bacteria with their feet when they land on feces and garbage, then transmit this bacteria to humans when they land on our food, clothing and hands. Imagine how many flies land on your plate while you are enjoying a little backyard barbeque? Flies are disgusting pests that should not be tolerated in or near your home.

How Do You Keep Flies Away from Your House?

Whether we like it or not, at some point a fly will manage to find a way into your home. The best way to shield you and your family from the bacteria that flies spread is to clean all surfaces with a strong disinfectant. Areas where you eat and prepare food should be first priority. It is also very important to dispose of your trash tightly and properly. Flies are extremely attracted to garbage, and the easier it is to access, the more flies you’ll have on your hands. Garbage bins are a fly’s favorite breeding ground, so if you do not want a family of flies growing right next to your home, make sure you properly dispose of your garbage. Another way to keep flies out of your kitchen is to keep all food covered. If there are left over’s, do not let them linger long, but tightly store them away as soon as you can.

Fly Control

If you seem to be losing a never ending battle against flies in or around your home, contact All-Rite Pest Control today.