Why are Wasps More Aggressive in Autumn in Versallies, KY? Size of Wasp Nests, Lack of Food in Fall & More

One of the unfortunate parts of summer months are the barrage of wasps that seem to be swarming about. These aggressive insects can put a damper on your outdoor gatherings if you aren’t careful. Not only have we been dealing with them for months, but as we move into the fall months, it seems that they are actually getting more aggressive. All-Rite Pest Control is here to talk about what makes wasps more aggressive during that fall rather than other seasons throughout the year.

Size of the Wasp Nests

The best explanation for the aggressiveness that comes with the fall season has to do with what is going on inside the wasp nests. The Queen emerges from the winter months with the sole purpose of building up her colony. In fact, she will work all summer long to build it up. She will be busy laying and fertilizing eggs all throughout those summer months as she works toward her goal. By the time fall gets here, she has done good work and the colony is as large as it’s going to get. The nest is more than likely bursting at the seams. In fact, there are some nests that can have up to 1,000 wasps in it. They will all be looking for food and that can bring us to the next reason for aggressive behavior.

Lack of Food for Wasps to Eat in Fall

The way that the wasps feed in the colony takes a turn in the fall as well. Throughout the summer months, the larvae are fed insects as they grow. After eating these insects, they produce a sweet nectar for the adult wasps to feast on. During the fall, the queen has done her job and isn’t going to be laying any more eggs. This means that those adult wasps have also lost the sweet nectar they are used to eating. They will be on the hunt for some sugary drinks and foods that they can more than likely find from you. When their resources are low and they are starving, you can plan on their behavior being more aggressive.

Wasps Protect Their Queen

Wasps are intelligent insects when you think about it. They know that the queen is going to be the only one that survives the winter months. Their species depends on her survival. They feel a natural responsibility to protect her at all costs. If they feel that the safety of their queen is compromised or threatened in any way, you can count on their retaliation. They will work hard and aggressively to protect her.

Stinging Insect Control

If you have noticed aggressive wasps around your home or on your property this fall, you can call on All-Rite Pest Control to help you get the problem under control. We know how to safely remove wasps from your property, so they aren’t threatening to your family any longer. Call us today!