Why are German Cockroaches so Hard to Kill in Versailles, KY? How to Get Rid of Roaches

Throughout the United states, there are more than 50 species of cockroaches that can be found. In Kentucky, there are a few common species; American, Brown banded, and German. German cockroaches can be fairly troublesome. Any type of cockroach can potentially spread diseases and bacteria, as well as trigger asthma and allergies. Because cockroaches are indifferent to what they will eat and live, they contract a variety of germs, bacteria, and other health concerns. Roaches are commonly found in sewers and other decaying matter. Simply walking across surfaces will contaminate the food you are preparing. Cockroaches will also eat anything in their path, causing damage. Today, we at All-Rite Pest Control would like to take the opportunity to expound on the basics of German Cockroaches.

German Cockroach Identification

As a widely distributed urban pest, German cockroaches are commonly found invading apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments. Their primary coloring ranges from tan to light brown and German roaches feature two dark parallel lines that run from the back of the head to the wings. Their average length is about ½ inch – 5/8 inches. Though they have fully developed wings, German cockroaches remain flightless.

Where Do German Cockroaches Nest & What Do They Eat?

German cockroaches prefer climates with a relatively higher degree of warmth and that are moist. Because of their preferences and needs, these roaches are frequently found inside homes in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms; near warm and moist appliances and plumbing. German cockroaches are omnivorous, so they will eat nearly anything. However, they are partial to meats, grease, starches, and sweets. For they main food source, German cockroaches will likely be attracted to garbage. These critters are typically nocturnal and come out at night to forage for their food and water. During the day, they will seek refuge in cracks and crevices that are dark, humid, and warm. Keep in mind that though they are nocturnal, German cockroaches are not restricted to nightly activity and can be found during the day, often if food and/or water is scarce, the population is heavy, or a recent application of pesticides was applied.

Why are German Cockroaches so Hard to Kill?

Because German cockroaches are smaller than other common species, they are able to conceal themselves in more places than others. These roaches are especially persistent and can prove to be a challenge to eliminate. They can go for long periods without food or water and their hard exoskeleton protects them from physical damage such as when you try to squish them. German Cockroaches also have more eggs per capsule, allowing them to infest faster than other species as well. Additionally, they require the shortest time grow from hatching to being sexually mature, contributing to their rapid growth in numbers.

Diseases & Health Problems Caused By German Cockroaches

Many people do not realize that German roaches secrete odors that effects the flavor in different foods. When the German cockroach has a high population, people may even notice the odor from their concentrated secretions. The German cockroach’s body is frequently riddled with disease-producing organisms such as protozoans, bacteria, and viruses. The principal diseases transmitted by German cockroach are the different forms of gastroenteritis, include dysentery, diarrhea, food poisoning, and other illnesses. The organisms causing these diseases are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches because as they forage and travel, they pick them up, which is then inadvertently deposited on utensils, food, and other surfaces. German cockroaches are a known allergen and depending on people’s sensitivity, they can have varying degrees of severity with skin rashes, watery eyes, congestion of nasal passages, sneezing, along with asthma that is triggered from the cast skins and feces if cockroaches.

Cockroach Control

When you are seeing cockroaches inside your home, call All-Rite Pest Control to have them efficiently eliminated.