Where Do Moths Live, Are They Dangerous & How to Get Rid of Moth Pests in Richmond, KY

When we talk to our customers there are some insects and rodents that they have tons of information about. Most people know at least some information about bugs and rodents that are pretty common. Ants, cockroaches, mice, flies, and bees are some great examples of common insects that people have at least some knowledge about. When it comes to moths the same cannot be said. Moths are indeed common insects but they manage to escape our attention most of the time. All-Rite Pest Control thought it would be fun to share some interesting information with all of you today about moths.

Moth Identification

Let’s start with the physical characteristics of moths. Moths typically have two pairs of wings that are covered in scales. Their eyes have a coiled proboscis and large compound eyes. They vary dramatically in appearance and size depending on the species of the moth. Some moths are huge and others are very small. Moths vary in color quite drastically. Some are very drab brown or grey in color. Others have brilliant metallic colors that are quite beautiful.

Types of Moths

There are many different species of moths. In your house you will typically find clothes moths or pantry moths.
Clothes Moths – As their name implies clothes moths are often found in or around clothing. Webbing clothes moths are the most common clothes moth. They are famous for their ability to ruin wool clothing. In addition to wool cloth they also are attracted to silk, hair, felt, fur, and feathers. They range in size from 1 to 2 inches. They are buff colored. Their larvae are actually responsible for destroying clothing. Clothes moths commonly hide in dark locations such as basements, attics, and closets.
Pantry Moths – Pantry moths get their name because the pantry is often where they can be found. They like to hide in kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantries. Most of the time pantry moths are one of two different species, Indian meal moths and Mediterranean flour moths. These moths can make their way into your home through open windows or doors. They will also sneak in through any gaps or cracks that they can find on the structure of your home. They will actually lay their eggs in your flour, cereal, chocolate, beans, dried fruit, bird seed, and pet food. Once they pupate they attempt to make their way out of the containers they were in.

Moth Pest Control

If you end up with moths in your home they have probably been there long before you actually noticed them. Unfortunately this means that they may have caused substantial damage before you discovered them. As soon as you notice moths you will want to get rid of them. Each different moth species will have their own unique prevention and treatment method. If you have pantry moths you will want to get rid of any open boxes in your pantry. You can replace these with glass or plastic bins. If you have clothes moths you will want to take all of the clothing out of your closet and inspect them for moths. Many times professional help is needed to get rid of moths effectively. All-Rite Pest Control can come out and help design a pest control plan for you that will help you get rid of the moths in your home.