Where are Mice Getting into Your Lawrenceburg, KY House? Under Garage Door, Through Vents & More

The weather is starting to cool off and when the weather changes so does the types of pests that you will find infesting your home. The fall weather brings some great aspects such as changing leaves, cooler temperatures and the holiday season. Some of the bad things that come with the change is the fact that rodents such as mice start to really make a comeback. They begin to make your home theirs and will infest a home quickly and cause a serious amount of trouble for the people living there. They can cause allergies, spread disease and damage homes. The best way to keep your home from having a rodent infestation is to know where they can get in. There are some obvious areas but there are some you may not have thought about. All-Rite Pest Control outlines ways that rodents such as mice can get into your home.

Can Mice Get In Under Garage Door?

Most homes have a garage door that is attached to their home. The garage door is a way for rodents to gain access to your home by coming in when the door is opened. They can also climb up the front of the door and get in through the gap in the top of the garage door.

Do House Mice Climb Trees & Utility Lines onto Your Roof?

Go and take a look outside and around your house to see if there are any utility lines over your home. This can be phone lines, electrical wires and much more. If the wires are near your home, the rodent can scale the pole and walk along the wire until they drop on the roof of your home. Then it is only a matter of time before they make their way in.

Can Mice Get into Dryer Vents?

Your dryer that you use to dry your clean clothes is going to have some sort of vent to the outdoors. You may notice the smell of laundry detergent and dryer sheets while you walk past a home that has theirs running. The vent is a space that is open to the outside which is a great place for a rodent to get inside your home.

Can Mice Get in Under Loose Or Damaged Siding?

Is your home one of the many that has siding on the outside? The siding is attached to the outside of your home and should be secure and fastened so that nothing can get under it. If you have an area that is damaged and come loose from the side a mouse or rat can get under and start making their nest there or worse yet continue up until they are in the house.

Can Mice Get Through Crawl Space Vents?

If you have a home that has a crawl space or attic you most likely have several vents to the outside. These allow the air to circulate and the humidity to be better controlled. They also are a perfect space for a rodent to get inside and if your attic is not used they can set up a nest with really no human interaction at all. They will have no reason to leave or be scared off.

Rodent Inspections & Control

All-Rite Pest Control offers rodent inspections as well as custom rodent treatments so give us a call today. We can inspect your home for a rodent infestation and treat it to remove the problem. Please note that it is always best to have a regular pest control service that can help top prevent a pest infestation in the first place.