Where are Bed Bugs Found in Lawrenceburg, KY? How Do You Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation & More

Bed bugs are a growing nuisance for people across the United States, and the world for that matter. Until recent decades, bed bugs were only something mentioned in children’s rhymes. But now bed bugs are frequently squatting in a variety of public places and public transportation. Prior to WWII bed bugs were a serious epidemic. Constantly infesting homes and businesses where they feasted on the blood of their hosts. Where professionals struggled to contain these nocturnal insects, finally science prevailed right after WWII and a very effective chemical agent was developed to exterminate the little blood suckers. Though bedbugs were not completely obliterated, their population was insignificant and people rarely had problems with them. However, now there is world traveling that is affordable and convenient, bed bugs have made a comeback. Now these nasty critters have evolved and are very resistant to the older methods, the outbreak has become more of an issue. Luckily, science and experienced professionals are able to cure homes and businesses of bedbug infestations with alternative methods that are more than sufficient. All-Rite Pest Control is the leading professional to rid your home of bed bugs. But despite their usual habits, bed bugs will spread out and hide in a number of different places that may even seem unorthodox and today we would like to offer several examples of where they can be if you suspect these blood thieves are in your home.

Where are Bed Bugs Located?

1) Bedroom Furnishings. The dressers and night stands can get populated with bedbugs as well as any other upholstered furnishings as easily as they can beds. Curtains, curtain, rods, bedding, and other such examples often conceal bedbugs during the daylight hours.
2) Alarm Clocks/ Electronic Devices. The alarm clocks and other electronics in close proximity to where you sleep can become a mini-motel for bedbugs.
3) Electrical Outlet Covers. The bedbugs have been clever enough to slip behind the electrical outlet for refuge during the daylight hours because of their tiny statures.
4) Computer Keyboards. Nestled in the warmth, bedbugs have been found under the keys of computer keyboards. Typically, this behavior only exhibits when the keyboard doesn’t get used too often.

What Keeps Bed Bugs Away from Your Bed?

1) Before bringing second hand furniture into your home, be sure to inspect every nook and cranny as well as any existing upholstery.
2) Look for any visible signs of bedbugs by periodically cleaning your mattress. Dry bedding in on hottest setting, if label permits, including the pillows. Bedbugs cannot survive excessively hot temperatures and if you have brought a few home that are hiding in the bedding, an infestation can be easily stopped in their racks.
3) When traveling and you stay at some sort of motel/hotel; perform a thorough inspection of the bed, including mattress, bed frame, and bedding. Look around the baseboards, nearby furniture, and any other nooks and crannies in the vicinity. Avoid unpacking your bag and only unzip it when retrieving what you need and immediately zip it back up.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

If you believe you have accrued bed bugs at some point, call in the experts of All-Rite Pest Control and let our experts inspect your or home business and present the most optimal solution if we have found a bed bug infestation.