What Pests are Active at Night in Nicholasville, KY? Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mice & More

When you are dealing with pests it can be a real annoyance to you and your family. There are some pests that will come out in your home while you are awake in the daylight hours. Flies are a pest that actually land on you and your belongings as well as bees and wasps when you are outside. These pests are outright a problem and most people want to deal with them. Calling out a pest control company is a great way to take care of them. Now if you don’t have pests that are out in the day you might think that putting off your pest control service is okay. The problem is that many of the pests that are infesting homes are not out in the day and you may not see them very often. By the time that you are starting to see them it can be a bigger problem than you might have originally thought. These pests are the ones that come out at night and stalk around your home. All-Rite Pest Control lists some of common types of pests that come out at night.

Cockroaches Come Out at Night

You might think that your house is free from pests and they are not a problem. The issue is that you just might not be seeing the pests. No home is completely pest free that has not been treated by a professional company. The pests that you will have to worry about are the ones that come out at night. One of the pests that are known for coming out at night are cockroaches. They are a nasty pest that spread bacteria and disease among you and your family. They don’t leave too many signs that they are around unless you have a severe infestation. Cockroaches are nocturnal and choose to spend their time hidden away in the day and come out at night in search of food.

Bud Bugs Feed at Night

Another pest that is a problem in the night time are called bed bugs. They are a small and sneaky pest that stay hidden in the cracks and crevices of your mattress and other fabrics. The can go completely undetected until you are riddled with bites. This is often the first sign that you have bed bugs. They come out at night while you sleep and feed on your blood. When they are full they head back in the mattress and hide until the next night. This is not a pest to take lightly and the first sign of an infestation should be treated right away.

Will Mice & Rats Bother You at Night?

Another pest that invades homes and happens to be nocturnal are mice and rats. They get in your home and find a place to start a nest. They are noisy at night and can actually be heard scratching around in the walls and attic. They are also seen coming out at night getting into food and other products.

Pest Management

All-Rite Pest Control can treat your home for pests that come out in the day and nighttime. Call us to schedule a pest inspection and custom treatment plan .