What Does Termite Damage in a Tree Look Like & What to Do if You have Termites in Lexington, KY?

When you are dealing with a pest problem you know that you have to call out a professional to have your home treated. Many pests will get into your home and could bite you and your family and often are found invading your food and storage. This means that you could have contaminants that you want to not come in contact with. When it comes to the types of pests that can cause damage to your house it is just as if not more important to act fast. One of the pests that will start to come out in the warmer weather are called termites. If you are subject to a termite infestation you could end up with damage to your home that could be trouble. If you are not sure about termites and when you need to contact a professional that has the ability to treat them it is a good idea to know when they are a real problem. All-Rite Pest Control outlines what you need to know if you see termites in your tree.

How Do Termites Damage Trees?

If you do not think there are any reason to react to the presence of termites, then you are mistaken. They are a pest that will get into your house or any other exposed wood and they will start to eat away at the wood. This is the sure foundation to your home and when it has been compromised it can end up being dangerous. They will start to chew through the beams and the interesting thing is that they will not stop to even sleep. They are a small pest that will work round the clock and that means that even a small infestation of pests will make a large impact if they are left untreated.

Do Swarmers Mean I have Termites?

One of the first signs that people have to look for during termite season is the presence of a swarm. The termites when they first start to come out happen to have wings they will use to travel as a group to find an exposed wood pile. This can be anything from firewood to a tree that has a broken branch. It can even be an eave under your home or a deck that is not finished properly. The swarm can be seen flying through the sky and past your home or stopping at your house. The swarm around your house is enough to cause concern and should lead you to calling a professional to do an inspection.

Will Termites Move from Tree to House?

If you can see where the termites are at and they have invaded a tree that is on your property you should still have some concern. The colony will not stay on that tree and could easily spread to other areas of the house that include the house. If you see that there are termites on a tree or wood pile you still want to call out a professional.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

All-Rite Pest Control can come out to your house and do a thorough inspection for the presence of termites. Call us today to start your custom termite treatment.