What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your Home in Fall & How to Keep These Insects Away in Lexington, KY

Stink bugs are quickly becoming a more common pest that is present in almost every state across the country. Stink bugs can be difficult to see due to their small size and their color of camouflage that can easily blend in to make them almost invisible. The best way to prevent stink bugs from entering into your home or place of business is to seal any and all cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes and all other openings. Screens that are damaged should be repaired or replaced to prevent stink bugs from entering the structure through those areas. The best way to prevent the presence of stink bugs is to hire a professional pest technician like All-Rite Pest Control to regularly service your property.

What Smell Do Stink Bugs Give Off?

The stink bug earned its name from its tendency to release an odor when it is disturbed or squished to death. It is said that the pungent odor of a stink bug is similar to that of the cooking herb cilantro while others claim it smells more like sulfur, ammonia or rancid meat. Many home owners have used their vacuum to remove stink bugs, but have forgotten to immediately change their vacuum bag and then an awful smell begins to permeate the air in their home from the vacuum bag. Removing stink bugs on your own can be quite difficult and hiring a professional pest technician is the most successful option to get stink bugs out of your home for good.

Stink Bugs are More Active in the Fall

Stink bugs are most active in fall. During the autumn season, stink bugs search for shelter to hide from the harsh temperatures outside. This shelter is usually an unsuspecting home. Stink bugs feed on fruit, the stems of fruit and leaves as well. If stink bugs are able to get into your home during the winter and hide out, then you will find yourself neck deep in stink bugs once spring rolls around. The stink bugs are the most active during the spring time, and if they have established themselves into your home during the winter it will become extremely difficult to remove them in the spring.

What Keeps Stink Bugs Away?

One of the most important ways to keep stink bugs out of your home is to seal off entry points and repair ripped screens. This will keep other pests away too. Other actions you can take include reducing moisture sites, keeping outside lights to a minimum, inspecting items before you bring them into the house and eliminating food sources.

Stink Bug Pest Management

Unlike some other intruding insects, stink bugs are not known to bite humans; however their tendency to invade homes in extremely high numbers can be quite a nuisance. Stink bugs are most destructive to the agricultural industry as they destroy crops very easily. Stink bugs can become quite a nuisance in the family garden as well. If you suspect that stink bugs have gained access into your home this fall and winter to hide out until the spring, you must take action. Don’t allow stink bugs to stink up your home, call All-Rite Pest Control today to remove them.