Summer Pests in Nicholasville, KY; Stinging Bees & Wasps, Flying Fire & Carpenter Ant Swarmers & More

Many scientific types believe that natural processes of insect control are being thwarted by higher global temperatures. As time progresses the hordes of insects seem to be proliferating. With spring we have new hatchlings and those that are dormmant will become more active. Did you know rodent populations peak in late spring and through summer? You may be hosting a bevy of summer invaders as the weather heats up.

Bees, Wasps & Ants

The most notable turnouts are the bees and ants. As the temperatures rise flowering plants rush to reproduce and flowers attract bees, a beneficial insect. Bees are not usually a problem unless they are migrating and are in cluster in trees or the eaves of your home. Luck has it no Africanized bees have made it to Kentucky as of yet. A beekeeper can relocate those hordes if necessary and for protection of pets and children. The cousins of the ants are the wasps. You do not want these near the home, especially around the entry ways. They can be aggressive and with their smooth un-barbed stingers can sting multiple times.

Flying Fire & Carpenter Ant Swarmers

More concerning is the proliferation of flying fire ants signaling the establishment of new nests. There have been some incursions of fire ants in the western part of the state. Early eradication is the only option to prevent the spread of this prolific species. Fire ants have been known to attack pets and children left in the grass. Biggest danger is if you are allergic to the sting. A reaction if not treated can be very dangerous. Carpenter ants are do not eat your home, they excavate wood for nesting areas and are very destructive if left unchecked. They attack the framing members that supply the foundation of the structure.

Spiders & Scorpions

Anywhere there is prey, predators are sure to follow. Top tier predators of bugs are the arachnids, spiders and scorpions. Recluse and black widows are the most dangerous. But the jumping spiders and cellar spiders are just plain creepy. Our Southern Devil Scorpion rarely is a problem for humans. The sting while painful is not dangerous unless you have an allergic reaction.

Bed Bugs & Mosquitoes

Bloodsuckers make you itch and have a very high creep quotient. Fortunately for us the primary culprit is the bed bug. And at least so far, unlike the mosquito, bed bugs don’t transfer disease, they are just disconcerting. Besides the unpleasant bites, the mosquito is a primary disease vector. Any standing water should be eliminated, and your yard should be made mosquito free. Your health may depend on it.

Pest Management

Moths, carpet beetles and silverfish sustain themselves on our textiles, carpets, rugs and clothing. These can be rather destructive of natural fibers, particularly wool or cotton.
Kitchens are the primary target area of the grain moth, black flour beetle, cowpea weevil, drug store and cigarette beetles, flour beetle larva, fruit fly, fungus gnat, German cockroach, house fly, Indian meal moth, lesser mealworm, Phorid fly, red flour beetle, red legged ham beetle, rice weevil, sawtooth grain beetle and the spider beetle, to mention a few. It’s a miracle anything is left for us to eat. For your health and piece of mind you do not want these in your kitchen. Keep food in sealed containers and keep your counters clean. Some friends may invite themselves to your dinner, before its prepared. For all your pest control needs, call All-Rite Pest Control!