Pest Management for Multi-Family Housing in Lexington, KY to Prevent & Control Pests

Studies show that about 30% of the U.S population lives in multi-family or apartment housing. Not only does a good chunk of the population choose to make their home in multi-family or apartment housing, but pests find them rather comfortable as well. It can be a real challenge to get an infestation under control in this environment. They are free to roam from apartment to apartment, finding endless food supplies and places to hide. All-Rite Pest Control would like to talk about the importance of pest control services in multi-family and apartment housing.

Pest Control is a Team Activity

When you are considering who is responsible for pest control in apartment living, it usually falls under the responsibility of the property manager. This can be a big job. If there isn’t a decent line of communication between the tenants and the property manager, it is almost impossible. Not only does there need to be proper communication, but it is the responsibility of the tenant to keep their space clean and follow their lease in regards to sanitation and trash removal/storage. It is a team effort in order to keep pests under control.

How Can a Property Manager Help Prevent a Pest Infestation?

Since the responsibility lands on the shoulders of the property manager, it is best that they come up with a game plan for pest control. Some things to consider implementing are:
1. An easy way to report pest activity
2. Inspections to help identify any potential problems
3. Monitoring to help maintain pest free environments
4. Annual pest inspection with Dynamic Pest Control
5. Have a seasonal pest control plan in place to keep the potential problems under control

What are the Dangers of Pests?

When you are talking about pest control for multi-family housing, it is more complex that a single family home. It is no secret that pests can pose health risks, some risks tenants and property managers alike may be facing with a pest problem in apartment living might be:

• Tenant Complaints- If your tenants are constantly battling pest infestations, the property manager will be hearing about it. You want your tenants to be happy and feel safe in their home.
• Spread of Disease- Many pests carry some serious diseases and illnesses with them. It is the biggest reason people are in a hurry to get them out of their home. They contaminate food, and pose a real health risk.
• Repair Costs- Not only are insects a problem, but other pests including some wildlife and other rodents can cause big issues. They can end up causing property damage that can end up being costly as well as inconvenient.
• Reputation- You want your building to have a good reputation. This will help you keep reliable and dependable tenants in it. Pests can carry with them a reputation of uncleanliness, which can make it hard for you to find people who want to live there.

Professional Pest Management

It is almost impossible for you to maintain a pest free building without the help of a professional pest control company to help. All-Rite Pest Control offers skilled and trained technicians with the proper tools to keep your building pest free. Call us today!