Pest Control Policy Services for Hospitals & Healthcare in Richmond, KY to Get Rid of Ants, Bed Bugs & More

When you or a loved one spends time in a healthcare facility, you expect to have a clean and sanitized atmosphere. There are numerous challenges that come with keeping a healthcare facility that way. Not only is it awful to think of any bugs crawling on you, but they can pose a huge health risk. It is an even larger risk in a facility where people may already have health problems or weakened immune systems. All-Rite Pest Control would like to discuss some of the reasons pest control in healthcare facilities is so important.

How Do Pests Enter Healthcare Facilities?

One thing that makes it so difficult to stay on top of any pest problems is the amount of people coming to and from the facility. There are sometimes several visitors per patient that enter the building on a daily basis. That’s not even taking into account the countless deliveries that take place to keep supplies stocked. There are also multiple deliveries from flower companies as well as food companies to several patients in a day. It is almost impossible to make sure none of these people entering the building aren’t bringing any pests in with them. Another attractant for pests is any plumbing leaks or other water sources that aren’t taken care of or fixed. A lot of the time pests are seeking a water source when they invade healthcare facilities.

Common Pests Found in Hospitals & Medical Buildings

There are many pests that can infiltrate a healthcare facility, but some are more likely to cause problems that others. All of these pest carry some pretty serious diseases and are a huge health risk in a healthcare facility. Some commons pests include:


Ants are social insects, so if you have found one, you can almost guarantee there are more where that one ant came from. They are attracted to food that isn’t stored properly, especially foods that are high in sugar.


Flies are known to carry multiple diseases and are notorious for contaminating food. They are attracted to drains that aren’t draining water properly, and trash that isn’t being stored properly. Flies can get out of control quickly and the problem shouldn’t be ignored.

Bed Bugs

Over the last couple of decades, bed bugs have become a huge problem. They are excellent hitch hikers and can easily gain access off of the clothes of visitors and employees alike. A survey completed by the National Pest Management Association showed that 33% of pest control companies have treated bed bugs in hospital settings while 46% have treated them in nursing homes.

How to Avoid Pests in Nursing Homes & Healthcare Centers

Following are some tips to help healthcare professionals avoid pest infestations:
• Store food properly and up off the ground.
• Seal and cracks and holes on the exterior of the building.
• Dispose of and store trash in containers that have a tight fitting lid.
• Have any leaky or broken pipes and drains fixed to avoid excess water.
• Keep any vegetation around the building trimmed so it isn’t touching the building at all.
• Keep waiting rooms and other high traffic areas clean and tidy.
• Inspect any boxes that food deliveries come in before storing them in the kitchen.

Pest Management

It is important in maintaining a clean and sanitized environment, that you have a professional pest control company to help eliminate pests. All-Rite Pest Control have trained and experienced pest control technicians that can ensure your healthcare facility is a safe environment for your patients. Call us today!