Pest Control Policy for Schools in Frankfort, KY to Keep Rats, Mice, Insects & Pests Out of Buildings

When school is in session, it’s time to start thinking about keeping students and faculty in school while keeping pests out. Not only because they are a nuisance, but because you want to ensure the safety of your students and staff alike. It’s no secret that many pests pose a health risk to anyone around them. All-Rite Pest Control would like to talk about how to keep common pests out of schools.

Crawling Insects

There are several crawling insects that you may come across in school settings. These include beetles, ant, cockroaches and more. Several of these bugs contaminate anything they touch, and they are most likely drawn to food. Cafeterias are a common place you might come across any of these crawling insects.

Flying Stinging Insects

There are several flies that make their way into schools in the fall and spring seasons. They also carry numerous diseases that can greatly affect students and staff. Not only do you see many fly species in schools, but on the grounds, near playgrounds, you may have stinging insect problems that should be monitored and taken care of quickly in order to avoid any students or staff getting stung.

Rats & Mice in School Buildings

Mice and rats are a problem especially as the weather starts to cool off. These invasive, disease ridden pests, will be seeking refuge from dropping temperatures outside. It doesn’t take much of an opening for a mouse or rat to weasel their way inside. Mice can squeeze through an opening that is the size of a dime, while rats can enter through an opening the size of a quarter. These invasive pests don’t only carry disease, but they can cause structural damage to your building as well.

How to Avoid Pests in Schools

There are several ways to keep pests out of schools this year. They might include:
1. Sanitation– Several pests that are a problem in schools are attracted to the foods that we eat. If there are any spills, they should be cleaned up promptly.
2. Trash Disposal– Rotten food attracts many pests, and shouldn’t be left for them to find. Trash should also be stored in receptacles that have a tight fitting lid and far away from any entrances into the building.
3. Repairs– If there are any drains that aren’t working properly and are leaking, they may be attracting pests in search for water. Repair any plumbing leaks and drains to keep pests away.
4. Seal Up Entry Points– Check the building for any cracks or holes that can serve as entry points for pests such as mice and rats. Remember the hole doesn’t have to be big to be a problem.
5. Integrated Pest ManagementAll-Rite Pest Control works around the hours that school is in session to offer discrete and personalized pest management. Through frequent pest inspections and comprehensive assessments, we can come up with a pest control plan to help eliminate any pest problem you may have in your school.

Commercial Pest Control

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