Interesting Facts About Odorous Ants in Winchester, KY; Bites, Infestations & More

Ants commonly invade homes, businesses, and can make picnics end quicker than they start. As widespread and numerous the various species of ants are, there are very little few who can say they do not know what an ant is. Most will deliver little pinches when they feel threatened and others will aggressively defend their territory. Generally, once the ants intrude into homes and businesses, little is effective to eliminate these critters, except the assistance of professional services. There are a few fairly common ants in Kentucky, odorous ants are among them and we at All-Rite Pest Control would like to take the opportunity to discuss them today.

Identification of Odorous House Ants

Odorous ants, or sometimes referred to as Odorous House Ants, only measure up to 1/8-inch-long, making them one of the smaller ant species. They are typically dark brown or black in color and feature one node on their petiole that is hidden by their abdomens. If studied from the side, people will also note that the odorous ant has unevenly shaped thorax. The most distinct characteristic, and the primary reason they are known as odorous ants, is the is the odor of rotten coconuts the emit when they get crushed.

Where are Odorous Ants Found?

Odorous ants frequently nest in the floor or wall voids once inside. These ants often wonder inside Kentucky homes and businesses in search for food, particularly sweets and meats. They can easy slip through cracks in the foundation or large enough fractures along the windows and doors. Because of their preference for warm and moist climates, odorous ants are drawn to the kitchen pantries and cabinets. Odorous ants will also hunker down under carpets, beneath floors in wall crevices, near heaters and water pipes, or sometimes behind paneling. Outdoors, odorous ants will build their nests under shallow soil beneath things like rocks, logs, mulch, and debris.

Odorous House Ants Bite

When odorous ants invade your Kentucky kitchen, they contaminate any food they come into contact with and they will bite should they feel at all threatened. Odorous ants are one of the most likely ants to infest homes and one of the more resistant to eliminate. Though they’re not known to bite, their presence can be more than a nuisance.

Signs of Odorous Ants

Seeing the winged swarmers active and observing the workers march to retrieve food is the obvious signs of an infestation. Outdoors, odorous ants prefer honeydew from aphids and mealybug in their diet, but favor eat meats, pastries, cooked or raw vegetables and fruit juices sugary foods, and even dairy products. These ants forage 24/7, being continually active through the day and night. When they are alarmed by predators or other potential threats, worker odorous ants will move in quick, erratic motions, raising their abdomens into the air.

Ant Control

When you notice odorous ants infesting your Kentucky home or business, it is essential to contact All-Rite Pest Control as they can be a challenge to eliminate on your own. With our proven and effective methods and products we can ensure the ant colony is efficiently eliminated. Call us today to dispatch any infestations or to setup a plan of defense to avoid them.