How to Protect Stored Clothes from Insects in Frankfort, KY & Keep Moths, Beetles & Silverfish Away

Across the country people are finding themselves being asked to spend more time at home so that they can do their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. At first relaxing at home more was a welcome opportunity to enjoy some downtime. As the weeks go by many people are starting to get a little stir crazy being cooped up inside. One thing that you can do to prevent yourself from going crazy is work on projects around your house. Now is the perfect time to start or finish those projects that you simply have not had time for in the past. A particularly popular project is organizing different areas of your home. If you are organizing your home you may decide to tackle your clothes. All-Rite Pest Control has some tips for you today on how to go through and organize your clothes.

Start by Sorting Clothes to Keep Bugs Out

Experts in the organization field all have different ideas about how to organize your clothes, but they typically agree on what the first step is. The first step is to take all of your clothes out of your closets and drawers. When you are taking everything out you will want to separate it into types of clothing. Shirts, pants, dresses, suits, workout clothes, etc. should all have their own pile. Once you have taken all of the clothes out of your closet you can begin sorting through them. Start with one type of clothing. Quickly evaluate all of the clothes in that pile individually. As you touch each piece of clothing decide whether you are going to keep it, donate it, throw it away, or think about it. After you have done that you will need to go through the think about it pile again. It will be easier to make some decisions about this pile after you see the entire amount of clothes that you have in this category.

How to Keep Moths & Beetles Out of Stored Clothes

If there are items that you cannot decide what to do with, we have a few suggestions for you. One option is to hang the items that you cannot decide about with your hanger on the rod backwards. When you wear the item, you will flip the hanger back around when you put the article of clothing back in your closet after being washed. Then set an alert in your phone for 6 months from now. In 6 months, you will easily be able to see what hangers are still turned backwards because you truly do not wear that item of clothing. Other people will take the undecided items and box them up and put them in their garage. If after 6 months they did not go find the article of clothing to wear they simply donate the entire box without looking back through it.
After you have gone through all of the types of clothing you are ready to start putting everything back in your closet. It does not really matter how you choose to put your clothes back in your closet or dressers. Choose a method that works for you and go for it.

Pest Management

As you go about tackling this project you may find that you run into different clothes pests. Webbings clothes moths, black carpet beetle larva, casemaking clothes moths, and silverfish are all pests the frequently wreak havoc on your clothing. If you run into any of these pests during your project give All-Rite Pest Control a call. We can come out and help you get rid of these unwanted pests!