How to Keep Mice, Cockroaches, Ants Bed Bugs & Other Pests Out of Student Dorm Rooms in Richmond, KY

Even though there are some colleges and universities that are doing their programs using online platforms, there are several that are welcoming students on their campuses as well. Pest control in student housing can be difficult when students aren’t taught how to prevent infestations, and pest control services aren’t in place. There are several things that your students can do to help in the effort to control pests. All-Rite Pest Control is here to share some tips to keep pests out of your student housing this fall.

School Students Should Inspect Belongings for Bed Bugs & Pests

Sometimes, the pest problem can get started from day one. Many students are bringing pests with them on their belongings. This can include spiders, cockroaches and even bed bugs. You should have students thoroughly inspect their belongings prior to unpacking them in their rooms.

Proper Waste Disposal is a Method of Pest Control

Every student housing facility will have different trash disposal routines in place for students. You need to ensure your students are familiar with how trash disposal works in the building. This is one of the top issues that will surely attract pests to your building. You want to avoid trash accumulating in student rooms.

Clean Dorm Room to Keep Cockroaches & Mice etc Away

While you can’t completely hold every student’s hand through the process of moving into student housing and out of the home they grew up in, you can encourage them to clean their rooms on a regular basis. Without regular room cleaning, there will be plenty of clutter and other debris that pests will use as refuge. Encourage students and their roommates to come up with a regular cleaning schedule to help share the work load in the dorms.

Food Storage Containers to Keep Bugs & Pests Out

Many students may not know how to store food properly. It is important that they get an understanding of how to store their food properly. Many pests are attracted to food that they can gain access to. As you are talking to students about pest prevention, storing food properly should be at the top of the list. They should store their dry goods in containers that are airtight and able to keep pests out.

Have Students Look for Signs of Pest Activity

It is important that you have your students looking for signs of pest infestation. This will help you identify a pest problem earlier which can help you avoid damage that can be caused by them. Even if they start to notice that small cracks or holes are showing up in their rooms, they should report it so that it can be repaired. These small openings are the perfect places for pests to gain access into the building.

Pest Inspections, Management & More

If you need help keeping your student housing pest free, you can rely on the experts at All-Rite Pest Control to assist you in this effort. We have the training and experience needed to keep out even the most persistent pests. Call us today!