How to Keep Bugs Away from BBQ in Versailles, KY; Repellent for Mosquitoes & Ticks, Fan to Keep Flies Away & More

During the summer months many people have plans to host barbecues at their home or the park. Inviting friends and family over for an afternoon or evening of food, fun, and laughter is definitely something to look forward to. Nothing can ruin your barbecue as fast as an infestation of pests during your event. Today All-Rite Pest Control has some tips for you on how to keep pests away from your next barbecue.

Mosquito, Tick & Flea Insect Repellent

Our first tip might seem overly simple but we promise you that experience has taught us that many people do not complete this step on a regular basis. You should use bug repellent when you are outside during your barbecue. It is also a nice gesture to have some insect repellent out for your guests to apply as well. Insect repellent is extremely effective in keeping pests away from you and your guests. We do not have a recommendation on any particular brand, but we do recommend that whatever product you choose contains DEET.

Yellow Jackets & Stinging Insects are Attracted to Soda Cans

Tip number two is also nice and easy to implement. Provide cups for your guests to drink out of during the barbecue. Insects love to fly or crawl into aluminum cans and plastic bottles. If you drink out of a plastic cup bugs are not as likely to crawl into your drink because it does not provide them as good of a hiding place.

Bees & Wasps in Sugar Drinks

The third piece of advice that we have for you today is going to seem a little strange. Get some soda cans, open them, and place them around the perimeter of your barbecue area. As stated above, insects like to crawl or fly into soda cans and water bottles. Placing some soda cans in the area just outside of your designated party area will encourage annoying insects to hide out in those soda cans instead of bugging you and your guests.

Shooaway Fly Fan to Keep Flies & Flying Pests Away

You can make it harder for pests to get to the vicinity of the food by keeping a fan nearby the food tables at your barbecue. If you have a fan blowing it makes it almost impossible for flying insects to fly to and land on your food. A fan strategically placed by the chef will help your chef stay cool as well as keep the insects away.

Mesh & Other Food Covers

Once you are ready to put your food out on the table you will want to cover it. Food coverings make it just one step harder for insects to get onto your food. This will also keep bugs from wanting to hover around the table and irritate your guests as they are getting their plates of food prepared.

Pest Management

Before the big day of your event you will want to make sure that All-Rite Pest Control comes out to spray in and around your home. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the best pest solutions to help keep pests out of your home and garden. Let us know when your barbecue is and we will make sure that we come before the big day. Contact us for all your pest control needs!