How to Get Rid of Gnats, Beetles, Aphids & Other Pests Hiding in Your Live Christmas Tree in Frankfort, KY

Now is when most people have decorated for the holiday season. The problem is that when you started getting out the decorations or you bring in a fresh Christmas tree you could be bringing in unwanted pests as well, and you may not realize it right away. Pests may not be what you are thinking about when you are starting to set up but you need to be cautious of them. Most people keep their decorations in boxes and bins that are left through the year in a garage, storage unit or shed. That means that they are susceptible to the pests that are out in these areas which are normally much more than the pests that venture indoors. Another place that you will bring in unwanted pests is when you have a Christmas tree that is bought from a lot. They were still just the trees that were outdoors and you could have a slew of pests and eggs that are in the tree when you bring them in. If the eggs are brought indoors where it is much warmer it can give them the go ahead to hatch. They are always must waiting for a warm location to start their life. All-Rite Pest Control lists pests you may be dealing with when you bring in your holiday decoration.

Spiders in Christmas Ornaments & Decor

One of the most active pests that tend to come in your home during the cold months are spiders. Spiders will lay their eggs and when they are in an environment that is nice and warm they will hatch and come out. You could bring in a new Christmas tree of your boxes full of decorations and unknowingly a sack of spider eggs. When it gets in your home that is going to be warm they can decide to hatch. That means you could have an entire family of spiders in your home now.

Mites, Aphids, Gnats, Beetles & Other Pests in Christmas Trees

The tree could have an infestation of mites that are living on the tree when it was still outdoors. The mites will start to infest your home and they can even cause bites on people. The bites are an itchy red mess and that can annoying and if it gets infected you may need to see a physician. Other pests that commonly hide in Christmas trees include various aphids, gnats, beetles and scale insects.

How To Prevent Christmas Tree Bugs & Pests

There are many other pests that could be coming out of the tree as you take it in your home. Anything that could have used the tree as their home at any point could have left their eggs on it. The best thing that you can do is to shake the tree of outside your home before you take it in your house. You can also leave it out on the porch of you home for a few hours to see if any of the pests that are living there choose to leave and find a better place to stay. The last way to get rid of these pests is to be sure that you are up to date on your pest control services. Preventing the pests from starting an infestation is the best route to take.

Pest Management

All-Rite Pest Control offers quality pest control services to help keep your home from developing a pest infestation this winter and throughout the year.