How Do I Know if I Have a Paper Wasp Nest & How to Keep Wasps Away in Frankfort, KY

The state of Kentucky is home to many pests, some of which are wasps. There are many species of wasps and one of them is the common paper wasp. This is a territorial wasp that builds their nest in high areas and will attack anything that gets too close. Unlike bees wasps are capable of stinging an intruder multiple times administering harm to their victims. This makes a paper wasp an unwanted pest flying around your home. All-Rite Pest Control will help you identity these wasps and tell you how you can prevent their intrusion around your home.

How Do I Know I Have a Paper Wasps Nest?

Paper wasps are a very common species of wasp found from the west and into the southern areas of the United States. Their nests are a dead giveaway as to their presence. You may see the nests in tree tops, garages, sheds and under ledges of other buildings. They create a distinct umbrella shaped nest which appears to be made of paper. Paper wasps themselves are easy to identify as well as they are yellowish in color and upon full growth can be one and a half inches long. All wasps share a similar body shape. They have slender bodies and are very narrow at the waist.

How Long Does a Paper Wasp Live & Do Wasps Die in Winter?

The life cycle of the paper wasps begin in the spring. During the beginning of spring the females who have spent their winter hibernating—and which mated during fall—will emerge and begin to look for a place to build her nest and lay her eggs. The queen will feed and care for the first generation of larva until they have developed into an adult. All females will become the workers. These workers will now begin to take care of their queen, and will continue to care for the queen until the next generation of larva hatches. In late summer the queen will begin to produce males as well as fertile females or future queens. Once the males have mated with the fertile females they will die and the now pregnant females will leave the nest in search or a place to hibernate through the winter. The cycle begins anew.

Why are Paper Wasps So Aggressive?

Paper wasps are aggressive and will sting to defend their nest. Some species of paper wasps release an “attack pheromone” when the nest is threatened. This can lead to a mass attack on the intruder, causing multiple, painful stings. Additionally when they sting they have venom that for those with allergies can cause a severe allergic reaction. However, while you may not want them around your home or within your yards, they do play a vital role to the environment. They feed on other insects as well as pollen so they help reduce nasty yard or garden pests as well as pollinate the other flowering plants.

How Do You Keep Paper Wasps Away?

Controlling Paper Wasps isn’t the easiest of tasks. One of the easiest ways for a homeowner to prevent wasps from creating nests around their homes is to stop the creation of nest. This means during the spring season, walk around your home and yard daily and look for signs that a queen paper wasp is starting a nest. Simply knock down her nest to discourage her form wanting to build her nest near your home. You may need to be persistent and eventually she will get the hint. If a well established nest is discovered, since wasps are aggressive it is recommended you leave nest removal to the professionals. Also, another way to prevent their desire to build their nest too close to your home is to avoid standing water. Wasps are drawn to standing water because this aids in the building of their nest.

Stinging Insect Control

All-Rite Pest Control can help in wasp removal if your home and yard has been invaded by these nasty pests. Call All-Rite Pest Control today and we will remove your wasp problem.