Flying American Cockroach Species in Frankfort, KY; Large Size, How to Get Rid of & More

American cockroaches can be found all over the State of Kentucky. These insects love the dense vegetation and will hide high in the tree tops. American cockroaches frequently invade homes, some carrying harmful diseases and pathogens. Cockroaches can contaminate food and any surface they touch. Controlling American cockroaches is a necessity to ensure a healthy environment. All-Rite Pest Control will share how to identify American cockroaches and some of the best methods for cockroach control.

American Cockroach Facts

In the State of Kentucky cockroach season begins in spring, which is when a lot of the egg capsules begin to hatch. American cockroaches can mature very quickly. Going from egg to adult only takes 5 to 6 months and much of that time is spent inside the egg capsule while waiting for the right conditions to hatch. American cockroaches like the heat and become more active in spring through summer. Come the winter, here in the state of Kentucky, it will begin to get cold and that’s when American cockroaches become more invasive. However, American cockroaches will invade homes all year long.

Size of American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are particularly unpleasant due to their size. American cockroaches are one of the larger species in America and most are found around 1 inch in length. The largest ever recorded grew to 3 inches long. Adult American cockroaches are a reddish brown color with a light yellowish color outline marking on their head. Only adult American cockroaches have wings. The nymphs are wingless and are often mistaken for nymph Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches don’t lay eggs one at a time but develop egg capsules that contain around 16 eggs. American cockroach egg capsules are pill shaped and are a dark reddish brown color. As nymphs grown they will constantly shed their skin, which causes indoor allergies.

Preventing American Cockroaches

There are many methods used to control cockroaches. However, keep in mind that most infestations are caused by unintentional neglect and this should also be addressed. American cockroaches and other pests require food, water and shelter. In many cases, an infestation occurs because a home’s environment is providing all three needs. One of the first steps of any successful pest control program is to deny pests of these three needs. This may include:
• Maintaining a clutter free yard and home.
• Preventing leaks, or puddling of water.
• Sealing garbage and preventing access to garbage cans.
• Sealing food and avoiding leaving dirty dishes or crumbs.
Next you will want to work on exclusion, which means to keep cockroaches out of your home. Make sure exterior doors are properly sealed when shut. Often weather stripping breaks down and needs to be replaced. Windows may need their screens replaced, and the edges of the window frame sealed. Cockroaches can also enter through drains, so cover drains with drain screens.

Cockroach Control

If you are having a problem combating cockroaches and need help, contact All-Rite Pest Control for all of your pest control needs today.