What are the Signs of Bed Bugs & How Do I Keep Bed Bug Infestations Away in Frankfort, KY?

Having undergone advanced training, our experienced and knowledgeable pest technicians at All-Rite Pest Control are fully licensed and insured, and we specialize in bed bugs. We combine our talents and skills with exclusive professional grade products and equipment to ensure our valued customers receive premium services. Bed bugs have been on the rise for the past decade or so. Once nearly obliterated just after WWII, bed bugs are back with a strong resilience to once effective methods. All-Rite Pest Control has cutting edge technology to exterminate bed bugs along with effective methods of detecting bed bugs and their eggs with specially trained visual inspectors.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, round and brown. Being nocturnal they lurk in the night to perform the criminal heist of your blood for their meal, and slumber in tiny nooks and crannies during the day where they feel safe and secure. Smaller groups tend to stick around the bed for convenient, but as their numbers grow, they expand in a room, spilling into more rooms, and so on until All-Rite Pest Control finally comes to your rescue.

Are Signs of Bed Bugs Obvious?

Being that bed bugs are in fact incognito, sometimes it takes some time to realize you have an infestation. Below is a list of signs you have a bed bug infestation in your residential home or commercial business.
– Small drops of blood stains on your sheets.
– Bed bug excrement, which is small rusty and dark spots along the mattress, walls, bedding and clothing.
– Broken eggs, shed skins, and fecal matter in common hiding spots.
– Pungent odor of musty-like stench that bed bugs emit, the stronger the scent, the more bed bugs there are.

How Easily Do Bed Bugs Transfer?

Since bed bugs are so small, and can easily seek refuge in the folds of clothing, luggage, and personal carryon like purses or briefcases for example, they can simply find new homes and spread quickly. Bed bugs can be found nearly anywhere, especially places that cater to the public, for example; lodging establishments, public transportation, airplanes, offices, schools and medical centers to name a few. But luckily there are some preventative measures you can take.

How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs?

Prevent bed bugs by practicing the following habits:
– When staying in a hotel, motel or similar place of public lodging, conduct an inspection. Look through the mattress and box spring, especially along edges and seams and look for bed bugs themselves, or the rusty spots as evidence they have been there.
– Once you are home, unpack luggage in the garage or porch to avoid bringing the little blood suckers inside. As you empty the contents, thoroughly check for bed bugs, through washables in hot water and dry on hottest setting to kill any bed bugs or their eggs in case you missed any, treat your suitcase with pest control products, formulated for bed bugs.
– Encasements for your bed can protect the box spring bed bugs.
– If you buy second hand clothing or furniture, inspect the meticulously outside, for extra assurance, call a professional to treat the furniture before bringing it in your home, and wash and dry clothing on hottest setting.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Bed bugs tend to bite in alignment, with red, itchy blotches. If you suspect bed bugs it is crucial to get All-Rite Pest Control on your side to quickly demolish their existence before the infestation spreads. Call us today to get started!

Why are Wasps More Aggressive in Autumn in Versallies, KY? Size of Wasp Nests, Lack of Food in Fall & More

One of the unfortunate parts of summer months are the barrage of wasps that seem to be swarming about. These aggressive insects can put a damper on your outdoor gatherings if you aren’t careful. Not only have we been dealing with them for months, but as we move into the fall months, it seems that they are actually getting more aggressive. All-Rite Pest Control is here to talk about what makes wasps more aggressive during that fall rather than other seasons throughout the year.

Size of the Wasp Nests

The best explanation for the aggressiveness that comes with the fall season has to do with what is going on inside the wasp nests. The Queen emerges from the winter months with the sole purpose of building up her colony. In fact, she will work all summer long to build it up. She will be busy laying and fertilizing eggs all throughout those summer months as she works toward her goal. By the time fall gets here, she has done good work and the colony is as large as it’s going to get. The nest is more than likely bursting at the seams. In fact, there are some nests that can have up to 1,000 wasps in it. They will all be looking for food and that can bring us to the next reason for aggressive behavior.

Lack of Food for Wasps to Eat in Fall

The way that the wasps feed in the colony takes a turn in the fall as well. Throughout the summer months, the larvae are fed insects as they grow. After eating these insects, they produce a sweet nectar for the adult wasps to feast on. During the fall, the queen has done her job and isn’t going to be laying any more eggs. This means that those adult wasps have also lost the sweet nectar they are used to eating. They will be on the hunt for some sugary drinks and foods that they can more than likely find from you. When their resources are low and they are starving, you can plan on their behavior being more aggressive.

Wasps Protect Their Queen

Wasps are intelligent insects when you think about it. They know that the queen is going to be the only one that survives the winter months. Their species depends on her survival. They feel a natural responsibility to protect her at all costs. If they feel that the safety of their queen is compromised or threatened in any way, you can count on their retaliation. They will work hard and aggressively to protect her.

Stinging Insect Control

If you have noticed aggressive wasps around your home or on your property this fall, you can call on All-Rite Pest Control to help you get the problem under control. We know how to safely remove wasps from your property, so they aren’t threatening to your family any longer. Call us today!

Why are there So Many Horseflies Right Now in Lexington, KY & Why are Horsefly Bites So Painful?

Fall is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors with a cool reprieve from the hot summer months. The sound of children laughing and playing and adults visiting float through the air during perfect fall evenings. The sound of different insects can be heard as well. While the sound of some insects can be cathartic, the buzzing sound of horseflies is just frustrating! What can be worse than a fly buzzing in your ear? A biting fly that buzzes in your ear AND then bites you. Here in Kentucky, horseflies can be found buzzing around and biting a lot during this time of year.

What Does a Horsefly Look Like?

Horseflies differ in appearance from the regular house fly. They are yellowish-brown or blackish in color. Regular house flies are grey to black in color. The horsefly is typically 20 to 25 mm long while the house fly is usually 6 to 7 mm long. Horseflies do resemble honey bees. The largest different between the appearance of honey bees and horseflies because horseflies only have one pair of wings and their wings are covered with faint smoky spots. The horsefly has a huge head. Horseflies are known for their beautiful eyes that have lustrous metallic color shades. Six flesh piercing parts compose the mouth of the horsefly.

Why are Horsefly Bites So Painful?

Though both male and female houseflies anatomically have the same mouth, the males’ mouthpieces are weaker than the females. Only female horseflies actually bite. Female horseflies feed on blood. Similar to female mosquitoes, female horseflies must have a meal with protein to produce the eggs necessary for reproduction. Horseflies are equipped with six stylets that in their mouth that help them slice their victims. Once they slice their victim’s flesh they drink from the blood that pools in the wound. Since their bite is irritating to the victim, the victim frequently brushes the horsefly off of them. The horsefly may have to bite multiple victims to obtain enough blood. Horseflies will be attracted to their victims by movement, warmth, surface texture, and by the carbon dioxide it breathes out. They will typically choose cattle, horses, camels, and deer. They can also feed on smaller mammals, birds, lizards, turtles, and on animals that have recently died. If you have been bitten by a horsefly you will want to clean the affected area thoroughly. Once the bite has been cleaned, treat it with an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment or spray to help reduce the swelling, pain, and irritation that can be felt after being bitten. If you have any more severe signs, such as a rash, worsening pain, or difficulty breathing you will want to seek medical attention.

Horsefly Control

Horseflies can be tricky to get rid of. Wearing an insect repellant if you are going to be in an area where there are horseflies can at least prevent you from being bitten until you can get rid of them. Typically horseflies are the hardest to get rid of if livestock is on the property. Many homeowners will use screens to help keep horseflies out of their animals’ shelters. You can also set horsefly traps. If all of your efforts to get rid of the horseflies are not working, All-Rite Pest Control can come and set up a treatment plan that will best suit your needs.

How Do I Identify Cockroaches in Richmond, KY? What are the Best Roach Control Measures?

During the warmest months of the summer, pests are out in full swing. One pest that is especially drawn to the warm summers that New Jersey has to offer is the cockroach. The thought of this pest in your kitchen is enough to make anybody squirm. They are notorious for being filthy pests, and with good reason. There are approximately 4,500 species of cockroaches, but the three that are most prevalent in New Jersey are the American, German, and Oriental Cockroach. All-Rite Pest Control would like to help you identify and avoid cockroach infestations in your New Jersey home.

Where Do Cockroaches Live in Houses?

Cockroaches are usually drawn to a water source. For this reason, they are commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, or basements where they are sure to find a leaking pipe or sink somewhere. They are attracted to the foods that you eat, so if you have any food that has been sitting out or a spill that hasn’t been cleaned up, watch out, cockroaches are searching for just that. Cockroaches are nocturnal pests and avoid sunlight at all costs. If you flip the light on with a cockroach in the room, it will scurry to find somewhere to hide as fast as it can.

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

If you have a cockroach infestation, there are some unmistakable signs. These might include:
• Seeing a Cockroach- If you see a cockroach during the day, it is a sure sign of infestation. They are nocturnal pests and if they are coming out in daylight hours, it is because there are too many of them and they are looking for space.
• Smelling Cockroaches- Cockroaches emit a musty smell that is present when there are a lot of them. You will notice that the smell continues to get stronger and stronger as time goes on and the infestation gets worse.
• Seeing Egg Cases- When a cockroach lays eggs, they lay them in a casing called oothecae. It is a light brown casing that holds several eggs at a time. If you find this egg casing, you know you have a cockroach problem. They are usually found in places that are well protected and hard to reach.
• Seeing Cockroach Feces- Cockroach droppings can look like small brown specks to actual oval pellets, depending on the type of cockroach and the quantity. If you find any fecal matter, you know that they are in that area often, and you have a problem.

What Keeps Roaches Away?

The best way to avoid cockroach infestations is to limit their food and water source. If you have any pipes that are leaking, you will want to get them fixed. Keep your kitchen and other areas that you eat in, clean. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, this is sure to attract cockroaches. Fill in any cracks or crevices that cockroaches can possibly gain entrance into your house with. You don’t want to be welcoming them into your home with cracks or tears in your window and door screens.

Cockroach Control

If you are worried you have a cockroach infestation on your hands, it can be very difficult to eliminate them on your own. All-Rite Pest Control has the training and tools necessary to eradicate any cockroaches that have made themselves cozy in your home. Call for an appointment today.

Common Spiders in Nicholasville, KY; How to Get Rid of Black Widow, Brown Recluse & Other Spider Species

Little creepy crawling critters can make some of the toughest men squeal and jump in the air! Spiders especially seem to have that affect. Is it their skittish type movements, a spider’s multiple eyes and limbs, or perhaps there body markings, super power abilities, or the fact that some are venomous? No matter the reason, we are not inclined for them to move in and get comfortable. All-Rite Pest Control has the proper training to rid your home of these uninvited guests. Meanwhile, we would like to share what kind of spiders are commonly found in the area.

Venomous Black Widow Spiders

No surprise black widows tops the list, they are found throughout the U.S. Most spiders have venom to neutralize their pray, but there are some that are dangerous to humans. The folks living in Kentucky need to mostly concern themselves with the Black Widow. These little pests get their name due to the fact the females will snack on the males just after mating. Where a bite from these little venomous, terrifying little spiders generally doesn’t result in death, serious symptoms can arise, but is simple to alleviate with proper medical treatment. Both male and females are black, but a female has a red hour glass shape on the underside of their bodies, and a males fangs aren’t long enough to penetrate human skin for any reactions.

Can a Brown Recluse Spider Kill You?

Their violin shaped mark is carried on their topside, but isn’t always evident. Though their bite isn’t typically deadly, they too can cause some major symptoms. The brown recluse spider isn’t naturally aggressive, but will bite when it feels threatened. If bitten it is best to receive medical treatment to relieve symptoms.

Are American House Spiders Dangerous?

It prefers to stick close to its web, which looks like your typical Halloween spider web decoration. The females are larger than the males, and if threatened they generally don’t bite, and their venom isn’t poisonous to humans, but will play dead if threatened.

Yellow Sac Spider Infestation

These spiders enjoy picking a fight with humans, and will bite every chance they get. Pale in color and only growing to be about 1/4 inch, they prefer nooks, corners, and ceilings for ambush attacks. Their bites fell similar to wasp stings. Yellow sac spider get their name white, papery thin silken sacs that they produce.

Are Wolf Spiders Aggressive?

The wolf spider are just as scary looking as their name sounds. They are huge and hairy, and are either brown or black and grow about 1 1/2 inches, and have an intimidating look. Bearing a striking resemblance to the tarantula, they too don’t spin webs and roam the grounds. They enjoy feasting on other insects and hunker down in wood piles, and refuse stacks, and lurk in basements or garages. They are not aggressive to humans.

Spider Control

Though spiders can be quite beneficial in keeping other insects from moving in, no one wants to cross paths with little spiders, especially the venomous sort. For all your unwelcomed pests, call All-Rite Pest Control. Our professionals can tailor treatments to the various pests that seemed to be attracted to your home. Call us today!

Where are Mice Getting into Your Lawrenceburg, KY House? Under Garage Door, Through Vents & More

The weather is starting to cool off and when the weather changes so does the types of pests that you will find infesting your home. The fall weather brings some great aspects such as changing leaves, cooler temperatures and the holiday season. Some of the bad things that come with the change is the fact that rodents such as mice start to really make a comeback. They begin to make your home theirs and will infest a home quickly and cause a serious amount of trouble for the people living there. They can cause allergies, spread disease and damage homes. The best way to keep your home from having a rodent infestation is to know where they can get in. There are some obvious areas but there are some you may not have thought about. All-Rite Pest Control outlines ways that rodents such as mice can get into your home.

Can Mice Get In Under Garage Door?

Most homes have a garage door that is attached to their home. The garage door is a way for rodents to gain access to your home by coming in when the door is opened. They can also climb up the front of the door and get in through the gap in the top of the garage door.

Do House Mice Climb Trees & Utility Lines onto Your Roof?

Go and take a look outside and around your house to see if there are any utility lines over your home. This can be phone lines, electrical wires and much more. If the wires are near your home, the rodent can scale the pole and walk along the wire until they drop on the roof of your home. Then it is only a matter of time before they make their way in.

Can Mice Get into Dryer Vents?

Your dryer that you use to dry your clean clothes is going to have some sort of vent to the outdoors. You may notice the smell of laundry detergent and dryer sheets while you walk past a home that has theirs running. The vent is a space that is open to the outside which is a great place for a rodent to get inside your home.

Can Mice Get in Under Loose Or Damaged Siding?

Is your home one of the many that has siding on the outside? The siding is attached to the outside of your home and should be secure and fastened so that nothing can get under it. If you have an area that is damaged and come loose from the side a mouse or rat can get under and start making their nest there or worse yet continue up until they are in the house.

Can Mice Get Through Crawl Space Vents?

If you have a home that has a crawl space or attic you most likely have several vents to the outside. These allow the air to circulate and the humidity to be better controlled. They also are a perfect space for a rodent to get inside and if your attic is not used they can set up a nest with really no human interaction at all. They will have no reason to leave or be scared off.

Rodent Inspections & Control

All-Rite Pest Control offers rodent inspections as well as custom rodent treatments so give us a call today. We can inspect your home for a rodent infestation and treat it to remove the problem. Please note that it is always best to have a regular pest control service that can help top prevent a pest infestation in the first place.

How Do I Control Tick Infestations on My Property in Frankfort, KY? Treat Yard for Ticks & More

Ticks are parasites that require the blood of a host to survive. However, they can survive up to a year without feeding. Ticks are most likely to be encountered along grass lines, forest lines and animal paths. Kentucky ticks are most prevalent in the summer months (from April to September) that are the warmest but can be found year round. All-Rite Pest Control spotlights ticks in Kentucky.

Tick Questing

Ticks do not fly or jump. They sit on a bush or on the ground and extend their front legs waiting for a host to wander by that they can attach themselves to. Questing is the way of increasing the chances of coming into contact with a suitable mammal host. They quest when they search for a host by detecting odors, body heat, vibrations, moist air currents, and carbon dioxide that the human or animal emit.

What Kind of Ticks are in Kentucky?

The Lone Star tick is very aggressive and will actually travel from the questing locations into manicured areas. They are commonly found in a wide variety of animals, including humans. They are capable of transmitting Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia. The American Dog tick is most likely to be found on both pets and humans. They are very active and will travel from their questing locations into manicured areas. Humans are the host and are capable of transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The Brown Dog tick is specific to dogs and is rarely found in humans. This is the only tick that will leave its host and infest a home. Indoors they are found in cracks and crevices of the home. Dogs usually bring them into the home and have usually picked them up after being in infested structures like the vet or the kennel. The Deer Tick is primarily responsible for transmitting Lyme disease. They do not travel far from their questing locations and are usually encountered during recreational activities in the woods or meadows.

What Diseases are Transmitted By Ticks?

You do not need to go deep into forests and areas with high vegetation to get ticks. You need only to look in your backyard to realize they are out there. As larvae, ticks feed from small mammals like rodents, bats, deer, and other wildlife. Ticks ingest and store infected blood from their hosts and then go into a tiny nymph stage. Nymphs inhabit vegetation as low as 4-6 inches, the typical vegetation found in any backyard. The ticks will then transfer the diseased blood from that host to whatever or whoever is unlucky enough to be their next blood meal. The most dangerous of diseases that can be spread by ticks is Lyme disease. Some symptoms include fever, headache, and fatigue, all of which can be mistaken for the common flu, so medical personnel need to know where these ticks are found in order to make the proper diagnosis to start treatment as soon as possible.

Tick Pest Control

Chemical elimination of ticks includes insecticide sprays and insecticide dusts. Both are important if you wish to rid your home and property of ticks. Spraying often will keep pressure on the population and provide some control. Infested areas are sprayed and then dusted. When the spray has dried the process will be repeated every 7-10 days if needed. Call the professionals at All-Rite Pest Control to remove ticks from your home and property.

You Do You Prevent Bee & Wasp Stings & Mosquito Bites this Summer & Fall in Versailles, KY

With every weather change, the types of pests that you are going to come across are going to change too. The warmer weather send more people outdoors and that means that the pests that are mainly found outdoors start to become more of a problem. In addition, when the weather starts to cool again, these pests will start making preparations which means they will be even more of a threat. These pests are troublesome for more than one reason. They fly around and can cause trouble when it comes to your outdoor activities and they can sting or bite which can cause health concerns for some people. All-Rite Pest Control has a list of the most common stinging and biting pests that you might come across this spring time and what you can do to prevent them.

Do Mosquitos Bite or Sting?

This is a pest that will start to come out when the weather changes and starts to warm up and will peak during summer. Mosquitoes are found near water including small ponds and even a smaller puddle that could be caused by a leaking faucet for example. The mosquito will lay its larva in and near the water and when they hatch the mosquitos hatch they come flying around the area and can start to cause trouble to the people nearby. They do not sting or bite, rather than insert a small tube like mouth piece that they use to draw blood from the host. They have been known to come out in the evening time when the sun is about to set but can be seen around during a nice sunny day too. They carry disease that can be transferred to a human. You can prevent the mosquitos from swarming near your home by being sure that you get rid of any standing water around your property.

Bees Guard & Defend Their Hive

The word is actually very general since there are many species and types of bees that are found all over the United States. There are three main kinds of bees that are most common and they are honey bees, bumble bees and carpenter bees. Each of these types of bees has one thing in common and that is they will defend their territory. If the hive is feeling like someone is getting to close and disturbing their home they will start to go on the attack. Each of the types of bees have a stinger and will use it to attack if needed. The honeybee is the only one that can sting just once since they have a barbed stinger. They stinger will get stuck in the skin and break off the body.

Are Wasps Aggressive to Humans

These are similar to a bee but can be identified and differentiated from a bee by their much more slender body. They also tuck their lower part of their body under when they fly. Wasps will sting and attack and can also be found near a water source. They also can sting and just like a bee the sting can be very painful.

Stinging Insect Control

If you are concerned with any stinging and biting pests, you can call All-Rite Pest Control to remove these threats. Call us for all your pest control needs.

What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your Home in Fall & How to Keep These Insects Away in Lexington, KY

Stink bugs are quickly becoming a more common pest that is present in almost every state across the country. Stink bugs can be difficult to see due to their small size and their color of camouflage that can easily blend in to make them almost invisible. The best way to prevent stink bugs from entering into your home or place of business is to seal any and all cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes and all other openings. Screens that are damaged should be repaired or replaced to prevent stink bugs from entering the structure through those areas. The best way to prevent the presence of stink bugs is to hire a professional pest technician like All-Rite Pest Control to regularly service your property.

What Smell Do Stink Bugs Give Off?

The stink bug earned its name from its tendency to release an odor when it is disturbed or squished to death. It is said that the pungent odor of a stink bug is similar to that of the cooking herb cilantro while others claim it smells more like sulfur, ammonia or rancid meat. Many home owners have used their vacuum to remove stink bugs, but have forgotten to immediately change their vacuum bag and then an awful smell begins to permeate the air in their home from the vacuum bag. Removing stink bugs on your own can be quite difficult and hiring a professional pest technician is the most successful option to get stink bugs out of your home for good.

Stink Bugs are More Active in the Fall

Stink bugs are most active in fall. During the autumn season, stink bugs search for shelter to hide from the harsh temperatures outside. This shelter is usually an unsuspecting home. Stink bugs feed on fruit, the stems of fruit and leaves as well. If stink bugs are able to get into your home during the winter and hide out, then you will find yourself neck deep in stink bugs once spring rolls around. The stink bugs are the most active during the spring time, and if they have established themselves into your home during the winter it will become extremely difficult to remove them in the spring.

What Keeps Stink Bugs Away?

One of the most important ways to keep stink bugs out of your home is to seal off entry points and repair ripped screens. This will keep other pests away too. Other actions you can take include reducing moisture sites, keeping outside lights to a minimum, inspecting items before you bring them into the house and eliminating food sources.

Stink Bug Pest Management

Unlike some other intruding insects, stink bugs are not known to bite humans; however their tendency to invade homes in extremely high numbers can be quite a nuisance. Stink bugs are most destructive to the agricultural industry as they destroy crops very easily. Stink bugs can become quite a nuisance in the family garden as well. If you suspect that stink bugs have gained access into your home this fall and winter to hide out until the spring, you must take action. Don’t allow stink bugs to stink up your home, call All-Rite Pest Control today to remove them.

How Do I Stop Ants from Coming in My Richmond, KY House & Prevent an Ant Infestation?

Unfortunately, there are some guests that are not invited into your home this summer, or any other time of year for that matter. One of the most common and annoying pests that enters into your home is the ever present house ant. Ants are the most common household insect that home owners will come into contact with, especially during the summer season. All-Rite Pest Control offers some helpful tips to keep ants out of your home below.

Home Pest Sealing

Protecting your home form ants may seem like an easy task to master on your own, however, ants are a great deal smarter than most people give them credit for. Ants have the ability to fit through the smallest crack or crevice that they can find while searching the perimeter of your home. No matter how well you think your home is sealed off, it is important to perform a thorough inspection to close up any areas that ants can fit through.

Remove Ant Food & Water Sources

Once an ant has gained access into your home, it will immediately begin searching for a reliable food and water source. Your kitchen usually ends up being the main destination for an ant colony to find food and march it back to the nest that they have begun to build within the walls of your home. While the kitchen is a popular area for ants to feed on crumbs and other food that has been left behind after a meal, ants are also often discovered underneath bathroom sinks where a leak is producing water for the ants. Ants can also be found marching in your shower or tub area as well.

The Problem with Ants

While one small ant may not seem like a problem at all, remember that ants travel in extremely large numbers. An ant colony can quickly take over your home before you realize it has happened. Once an ant colony has established itself within the walls of your home, it can be very difficult to remove on your own. Not only are ants annoying, they can crawl all over your home, but they can also bite you and your family as well as contaminate food. Some ant species such as carpenter ants can even cause extensive structural damage.

Ant Infestation Control

Eliminate the presence of ants in your home by contacting All-Rite Pest Control. Our technicians specialize in . Call All-Rite Pest Control to destroy ants and other pests inside of your home and make sure that they never return.