What Keeps Ants Away in Lawrenceburg, KY? Home Sealing for Pest Control, Removing Food Crumbs & More

It is not uncommon for you to see ants traversing your kitchen. It’s an experience everyone has endured multiple times. You destroy the wave of intruders only to have more little intruders pilfer your food. Once the ants have found the food source, they will often settle into the walls, where their nests expands, making […]

What are Mice & Rats Attracted to Your During Summer in Frankfort, KY? Cool Shelter, Food & More

It’s no secret that mice and rats carry a long list of illnesses and diseases. This is most likely the biggest reason they have a reputation for being a filthy creature. No one wants to think that they are actually attracting these pests to their home, but sometimes that is the case. All-Rite Pest Control […]

How Do You Keep Flies, Bugs, Rodents & Pests Out of Your Commercial Restaurant in Versailles, KY

Owning a restaurant is a large undertaking. Your goal is for your customers to come and dine in your facility and enjoy themselves so much that not only will they come back, they will encourage other people to eat there as well. One thing that could prevent this from happening is if they hear, see, […]

How Do You Prevent Summer Bugs & Pests in Lexington, KY? Get Rid of Standing Water & More

The summer time is here and the warm weather is one of the reasons that pests are in full swing. Not all pests are a problem in the summer time but there are lots of pests that start to swarm and infest in the nice warm weather. The warmth is the best chance for newly […]

What Color Sheets Attract Bed Bugs in Richmond, KY? Does a Bed Bug Like Black or Yellow?

Bed bugs are a terrible infestation to have in your home or somewhere you might be staying. The problem is they are hard to detect and when you do, it is too late to prevent and your only choice is to focus on getting rid of. The majority of people realize they have bed bugs […]

Is a Spider an Insect or an Arachnid? How Do I Identify Different Pests in Nicholasville, KY?

When you are looking at a pest in your home the last thing that you are probably wondering is what kind of pest is it? There are several types of pests from rodents, beetles, cockroaches, ants, spiders and much more. If you want to have the most effective pest control done you want to be […]

What Diseases Can Be Transmitted by Mosquitoes? West Nile Virus, Zika Virus & More

Have you ever spent a beautiful day outdoors in the spring or summer? Then you have probably been swarmed or bitten by a mosquito! Mosquitoes usually start to emerge in the spring time and spend their time outside through the summer as well. They tend to swarm around areas that are near some kind of […]

Which Bugs are Bad for Your Garden in Lawrenceburg, KY? Aphids, Cabbage Worms & Slugs

The spring season is here and that is the best time to get your garden going. A garden is full of vegetation like flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables! This happens to be a big draw for many kinds of pests too! There are several kinds of garden pests that can really take a toll on […]

How Do I Know if I Have a Paper Wasp Nest & How to Keep Wasps Away in Frankfort, KY

The state of Kentucky is home to many pests, some of which are wasps. There are many species of wasps and one of them is the common paper wasp. This is a territorial wasp that builds their nest in high areas and will attack anything that gets too close. Unlike bees wasps are capable of […]

What Attracts Odorous House Ants in Versailles, KY & How Do You Get Rid of Ant Infestations?

Making picnics end quicker than they start, ants commonly invade homes and businesses. There are very little few who can say they do not know what an ant is, as widespread and numerous the various species of ants are. When they feel threatened, many ant species will aggressively defend their territory and deliver little pinches. […]