Are Silverfish Infestations in Bathroom Harmful in Versailles, KY? Do They Bite or Cause Damage?

Spiders, ants, cockroaches, and perhaps rodents among others are common pests to home and businesses that few are not always surprised to see in their homes or businesses. However, there are occasional invaders such as centipedes, earwigs, and silverfish, that are more of a nuisance, but can cause their share of damage. Being likely to […]

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live in Lexington, KY? How to Get Rid of Spider Infestations

It seems that black widow spiders are feared by most people, and it is easy to understand why. While their bite usually isn’t fatal to humans, they are venomous and can easily send a person to the hospital! In fact, they are known as the most venomous spiders in North America. Why would anyone want […]

Clothes Moths Identification in Richmond, KY; What Attracts Them & How to Get Rid of Moths

There are lots of pests that can be found in and around your home. The majority of the pests that people are fearful of are the ones that you sometimes see lurking around. The ones that are scariest to have around for most people include spiders, rats, mice and cockroaches. These are all standard pests […]

Rodent Control Methods; Can a Cat Get Rid of & Keep Mice Away in Nicholasville, KY?

Over the years you may have been told many different old wives’ tales. Old wives’ tales are superstitions or traditional beliefs that are regarded as unscientific or incorrect. They are passed down from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Sometimes it can be hard to know if some of the things that […]

What Causes Harmful Carpet Beetles & How to Get Rid of Infestations in Lawrenceburg, KY?

Here at All-Rite Pest Control we are lucky to have Tom Myers with us. Tom Myers is a Board Certified Entomologist. In his studies of insects he has come into contact with thousands of different insects. One of the insects that he has studied is the beetle. You may be surprised to know that there […]

Pantry Bugs in Frankfort, KY; How to Get Rid of Stored Food Weevils, Moths & Beetles

There are quite a few pests that find the pantry a paradise for feasting, such as rodents, ants, flies, and roaches for example. However, there are quite a few pests that are less obvious that invade the stash of food in your pantry. Most of the pests are even packaged and sent home in the […]

How Do You Get Bed Bugs in Your Home & How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites Versailles, KY

During the holiday season families travel more frequently than any other time of year. The holidays bring families and friends together as they excitedly gather together to make memories. Sometimes you may be the one doing the traveling and other times you are the one hosting the guests. Either way you are likely at an […]

Rodent Control; How to Get Rid of Deer & House Mice & Norway Rats in Lexington, KY

Nearly every corner of the world has rodents to contend with. Rats and mice, the more common rodents, are highly likely to be carrying disease and their destruction can cost homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars in repair. Though rodents will invade if the opportunity arises all year long, they tend to be more active […]

Where Do Wolf Spiders Go in the Winter in Richmond, KY? How to Get Rid of Arachnids

If you are like many other people you have a healthy fear of spiders. It seems that these eight legged arachnids are among the most feared of all the pests. They are a pest that you might find frightening to come across when trying to get in your house or creating a web in your […]

Why are Infestations of German Cockroaches So Hard to Get Rid Of in Nicholasville, KY?

More than 50 species of cockroaches can be found across the United States. There are several species in the Kentucky borders, however, the most common include Brown-banded, German and American cockroaches. Where all of the roaches are a nuisance, and even a health risk from the diseases they spread as well as allergies and asthma […]