Fear of Bugs, Spiders, Mice & Pests in Frankfort, KY; Arachnophobia, Musophobia, Katsaridaphobia & More

Everyone is afraid of something in life. Some people may not want to admit that they have a fear, but if you keep digging around you will eventually uncover it. If you research the most common phobias you will find each looks just a little bit different, but there are some commonalities between the lists. […]

How to Keep Bugs Away from BBQ in Versailles, KY; Repellent for Mosquitoes & Ticks, Fan to Keep Flies Away & More

During the summer months many people have plans to host barbecues at their home or the park. Inviting friends and family over for an afternoon or evening of food, fun, and laughter is definitely something to look forward to. Nothing can ruin your barbecue as fast as an infestation of pests during your event. Today […]

How to Get Rid of Striped Skunks in Lexington, KY; Identification, Habitat, Lifespan, Damage & More

Pests come in all shapes, sizes and appearances. Where some are undeniably grotesque, others can be perceived as cute to others. Generally, pests are known to pester people, either by causing damage to landscape or structure, or by being a health risk, by triggering allergies or asthma, or simply due to venom or poison. With […]

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees & Protect Wood from These Destructive Boring Insects in Richmond, KY

Carpenter bees were rightfully named due to their habit of boring into wood. Though they simply drill circular holes to create tunnels inside wood, causing damage, many believe they also eat the wood, but they just excavate it. Unlike common bees, such as honeybees and bumble bees that are social insects, carpenter bees are not […]

Bed Bugs After COVID-19 Pandemic in Nicholasville, KY; Can Sanitizer Kill Bed Bug Infestations & More

There are many people that have had to cancel and change their plans for the spring and summer due to coronavirus. The spring and summer are the time of year that most people take vacation and spend time away from home. The problem is that all the places that you may have wanted to visit […]

What Season Do Roaches Come Out the Most in Lawrenceburg, KY; How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Summer

There are some pests that come and go depending on the weather. There are others that are a problem all year round. They may not want to be in the weather that is outside but they are happy to get access to your home. Once they are in the house they have a climate controlled […]

How to Protect Stored Clothes from Insects in Frankfort, KY & Keep Moths, Beetles & Silverfish Away

Across the country people are finding themselves being asked to spend more time at home so that they can do their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. At first relaxing at home more was a welcome opportunity to enjoy some downtime. As the weeks go by many people are starting to get a […]

DIY VS Professional Wasp Nest Removal in Versailles, KY; Nests in Hard to Reach Spots & Danger of Stinging Insects

There are quite a few wasp species of wasps that are social insects. This means, when you see one wasp, their colony nest is not too far away. Once you find the nest, it is often in your better interest to have the nest removed to avoid the assault of multiple, painful stings, especially if […]

How to Keep Ants Out of Your Lexington, KY House; Home Sealing, Ant Proof Airtight Food Containers & More

When the weather changes it affects many different areas. Outdoor activities, plant life, clothing options, and more all change with the seasons. The bugs that are out and about also change from one season to the next. With winter coming to its official end this month the bugs that we are dealing with here at […]

Do Mosquitoes Bite or Sting in Richmond, KY? How to Keep Mosquito Infestations Away from Your Blood!

One of the things you will start to see in the spring and summer are the presence of more and more pests. There are many pests that you will see more in these warmer months that are problematic. The presence of mosquitoes is a looming threat that will start to happen in the spring and […]