Why are Stink Bugs in My Richmond, KY House this Winter & How Can I Get Rid of Them

You may have noticed a rise in Brown Marmorated stink bug populations and it may even seem to be coming from within your very home. All-Rite Pest Control will share why these stinky pests are on the rise and what you should do if you find them inside your home. How Do I Identify a […]

What are the First Signs of Bed Bugs in Nicholasville, KY? Bed Bug Bites, Blood Spots on Mattress & More

There are some pests that are problematic because they are a nuisance and can cause issues with your home. You might also have pests that can cause damage to your home by creating nests using your homes materials. There are other pests that will start to cause trouble with your health as well if you […]

What are the Basic Steps for Pest Control in Lawrenceburg, KY? Role of Housekeeping, Extermination & More

When practicing proper pest control, it is important to have completed all of the proper steps. Pest control is a duel partnership between the pest control service and the homeowner. The homeowner must play their part in preventing and deterring pests and the pest control service will help guarantee it. All-Rite Pest Control would like […]

How Do You Tell if There’s a Mouse in Your House in Frankfort, KY & How to Get Rid of Mice

Rodents are among the many pests such as insects, arachnids, and wildlife, that can easily infest a home or business in Kentucky. Not only are rodents fairly common, but they are bad on both fronts as they can spread illnesses from germs, bacteria, and are known vectors of disease, but they can also contaminate food […]

How to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation in Versallies , KY; Identification, Inspection, Protection & More

Most people shudder at the thought of bed bugs in their home. These sneaky little pests are very unwelcome guests that are excellent at hitching rides when they get the chance. If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to learn the ins and outs of bed bugs and how to avoid them. All-Rite […]

Where Do Sac Spiders Live in Lexington, KY & How Do I Get Rid of Spider Infestations in My House?

Most people have a natural fear of spiders and are not comfortable having them around. If you live in Kentucky, you live with sac spiders. Sac spiders are known for biting people and will even bite repeatedly as they crawl across the skin. The bite can be quite painful and will burn. The burn will […]

Clothes Moths Identification in Richmond, KY; What Attracts Them & How to Get Rid of Moths

There are lots of pests that can be found in and around your home. The majority of the pests that people are fearful of are the ones that you sometimes see lurking around. The ones that are scariest to have around for most people include spiders, rats, mice and cockroaches. These are all standard pests […]

How Does Cold Weather, Rain & Flooding Outside Affect Insects & Pests Inside in Nicholasville, KY?

The weather is constantly changing from cold to hot throughout the year. Although the temperature is a change in weather that most people keep an eye on there is much more to consider. The weather is not just about temperature although that does play a big part. Depending if the temperature is cold or hot […]

Should I Be Worried About Common House Spider Infestations in My Lawrenceburg, KY Home?

There are many species of house spiders all across America that find their way, and more often than we would like, into our homes. The most common house spider is, you guessed it, the Common House Spider or more technically, the Parasteatoda Tepidariorum. Of course they got the name common house spider because they frequently […]

How Bad are Mice in a House in Frankfort, KY? How to Identify, Signs of a Mouse Infestation & More

Kentucky is not the exception, as rodents of all shapes and sizes are found all over the world. Norway rats, deer Mice and house Mice are the most common rodents locals deal with. The basics of house mice and signs of their infestation is what we at All-Rite Pest Control would like to share today […]