How to Pest Proof Your Frankfort, KY House for Fall; Home Sealing to Control Pests & More

As the weather starts to finally cool off, you may start to see more and more pests start to become even more active than normal. No one wants to find their home invaded by pests as the fall season approaches. All-Rite Pest Control is here to share some tips to help you pest proof your […]

How to Prevent Black Widow Spider Bites in Versailles, KY; Identification, Life Cycle & More

It seems that black widow spiders are feared by most people, and it is easy to understand why. While their bite usually isn’t fatal to humans, they are venomous and can easily send a person to the hospital! In fact, they are known as the most venomous spiders in North America. Why would anyone want […]

How to Get Rid of Infestations of Odorous Ants in the Walls of Your House in Lexington, KY

Picnics are usually cut short, and the annoyance levels rise when people find ants marching along to hijack any fallen crumbs. Ants are a common insect and one that few people never have seen, if anyone can make such claims. There are thousands of ant species found around the world. In Kentucky, Carpenter ants and […]

How to Get Rid of Moths in the Kitchen, Bathroom & Outside of Your Richmond, KY House

There are some insects that you know quite a bit of information about. Most of the time insects that we see on a regular basis we end up hearing information or researching some information about eventually. Then there are some insects that we simply do not know that much about. One of the insects that […]

Pests Won’t Go Away! Year Round Professional Pest Control Solutions in Nicholasville, KY

There are lots of people that think that they can pick and choose when to use pest control. You might decide that you can call out a company to treat your house when you start to see a problem. The issue is that if you are seeing the pests out and about there are lot […]

Apartment Pest Control Tips in Lawrenceburg, KY; Keep Unit Clean, Clutter Free & More

No matter where you are living you want to make sure that it is a home. That usually means that you have your own style and décor and things that make it your space. You also want to make sure that you are safe and that there are not any pests roaming through your space. […]

How to Keep Crawling Bugs & Insects with Wings Away from Your Frankfort, KY Kitchen

No is excited to see bugs in their house. Unfortunately bugs are just a part of life that we cannot avoid entirely. Even the cleanest of houses will have bugs find their way into it on occasion. There are a few rooms in the house that tend to gross out homeowners more than others if […]

Why Do I Have a Sudden Appearance of Cockroaches in My Clean Versailles, KY House?

There are some times in the year that different types of pests will start to become more of a problem. The summer is a time of year that you will notice more bees, wasps and even house flies. There are also pests such as cockroaches, ants and crickets that become a problem in the summer […]

Ant Bite Swelling in Lexington, KY; Toothpaste, Cucumber or Baking Soda to Soothe Bites

The pests you will come across on a normal basis vary from one season to the next. You may see rats getting in your house in the winter and bees and ants making way in the summer. There are some pests that do better when the temperature changes and that is why they want to […]

What Attracts Brown Recluse Spiders & How to Get Rid of Spider Infestations in Richmond, KY

The brown recluse spider is one of the more venomous spiders found in America including here in Kentucky. Brown recluse spiders can be hard to control because they don’t make their presence known. Brown recluse spiders don’t spin webs. Most often they hide during the day. Therefore you often don’t know you have a major […]