Bed Bugs After COVID-19 Pandemic in Nicholasville, KY; Can Sanitizer Kill Bed Bug Infestations & More

There are many people that have had to cancel and change their plans for the spring and summer due to coronavirus. The spring and summer are the time of year that most people take vacation and spend time away from home. The problem is that all the places that you may have wanted to visit have been closed and quarantined. That means that you have been stuck at home with your own family and not much to do for months. This is a great time to connect as a family but it does not mean that you are not waiting to be able to get out. You are likely thinking about the trip that you missed or a place that you want to spend time when you can. The great thing is that when it all opens back up you can start to make plans and get out of town. There more people that are out traveling around the country and the world the more likely the chance that you will come in contact with bed bugs. There are lots that you should know about bed bugs after we have all been placed on lock down. All-Rite Pest Control outlines what you need to know when you travel after quarantine.

Are Bed Bugs Gone?

One of the things you might be thinking is that bed bugs are most commonly found in hotels, motels or airports. There are lots of businesses that have not been operational in the last few months. Some of these establishments are the hotels, motels and airports. There are some people that think that bed bugs living in these area must have starved out and be gone by now. The issue is that bed bugs can survive without eating a blood meal for some time including up to a year. As long as they have a place to hide they can continue to survive. As soon as you start going back out and staying and using these areas they can come back up to the surface and eat. This means that you need to continue to be diligent about bed bugs as you start to vacation again.

Can Sanitizer Kill Bed Bugs?

You also might be thinking that the places that are of concern for spreading coronavirus have been cleaned and sanitized. The sanitizing has been done in most places very well but the problem is that sanitizing does not defeat bed bugs. Bed bugs are not treated in the same way as other pests. They are a specialty pest that has to be treated by a company that offers these services. Staying in a place that has been freshly sanitized is not enough to let your guard down when it comes to bed bugs.

Check Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

You want to be sure that you do not let the excitement of a vacation make you forgo checking for pests. You want to be sure you leave your things out of room while you go in and check for signs of bed bugs. If you see any signs you want to talk with the office right away and ask for a new room. They also should be alerted of the issue so that they can have the room and any other rooms treated.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatments

All-Rite Pest Control can come to your house to inspect for bed bugs and begin a custom treatment plan. Call us today!