Bed Bug, Rodent & Pest Control for Nursing Homes, Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities in Lawrenceburg, KY

When it comes to healthcare facilities, especially hospitals and long term living facilities it is not just the risk of germs that the general public are concerned about, it is also the risk of pests including ants, bed bugs, flies, birds and rodents. Why? Because healthcare facilities experience non-stop deliveries, patient turnover, frequent visitors, and have storage and food preparation areas all of which no matter how clean and sterile create the perfect storm for unwanted pests to find a home away from home. The knowledgeable professionals at All-Rite Pest Control have the experience and equipment that is necessary to ensure that pests are eliminated and excluded from your operation. As one of the leading experts in the Greater Philadelphia area, the professionals at All-Rite Pest Control will ensure the health and wellbeing of your patients and long term residents by providing them with a pest free environment all the while cementing your reputation in the area by providing a comprehensive pest management program customized to your particular health care environment. There are many consequences that can occur from pest and rodent infestations in health care facilities including contamination of sterile areas, medical complications caused by pest-related infections, negative publicity, damage to the facilities reputation and potential litigation. All-Rite Pest Control outline the common types of pests found in nursing homes, hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Specifically pharaoh ants which can be found in hospitals, nursing homes and apartment buildings. Pharaoh ants have been associated with the spread of various bacterial infections including staph infections. Pharaoh ants have the ability to divide into a number of smaller colonies when they feel threatened. The qualified and highly skilled Pest Control Technicians, Inc. pest control specialists will locate and destroy the colony before it causes ongoing problems. The health of patients may also be compromised by other types of ants including fire ants which can result in anaphylactic shock in patients who are prone to allergic reactions.


Flies are dangerous disease vectors and have the ability to spread pathogens and bacteria wherever they land. At Pest Control Technicians, Inc. our pest control specialists use an integrated approach that begins on the outside of your facility, targeting areas including dumpsters along with eliminating fly breeding areas. Our customized system includes a variety of traps including light traps, baits and other fly control products that will safely capture and kill flies to eliminate them from your health care facility.

Bed Bugs

At All Rite Pest Control, our comprehensive methods of education, early detection and eradication methods are proven. Our control and elimination solutions will ensure that your patients are kept safe from biting bed bugs. Our knowledgeable bedbug inspections will inspect your facility and help you decide on the best bed bug treatment program for your medical establishment

Nuisance Birds

Birds are often attracted to large flat rooftops that can be found on many hospital and larger health care facilities. Birds can spread diseases and pathogens when they nest near HVAC units. Bird droppings not only look unsightly, they can also pose serious safely and health concerns. Our exclusion services include bird spikes to ensure that birds are kept away from your facility to eliminate the risk of contamination.


Rodents can pose serious health threats to humans and have the capacity to carry as many as 35 diseases including salmonella and dysentery. Diseases that can be indirectly spread through rodents carrying fleas include Lyme disease and various forms of Typhus. Our services include designing an effective control program that will eliminate the existing rodent population along with exclusion services to prevent future rodent activity.

Commercial Pest Control Services

For more information regarding pest control for hospitals and health care facilities in the Greater Central Kentucky area contact the experienced professionals at All-Rite Pest Control today.