Bathroom Bugs Identification in Versailles, KY; Roaches, Silverfish, Earwigs & Drain Flies

There are some areas of the home that many people are aware that pests are able to survive. The most obvious part of the home that has what pests need is the kitchen. There is access to plenty of places to hide as well as food that they are able to gain access to. The food is a huge part of why pests will come in a house. The problem is that it is not the only area that you are sure to see pests. You can find pests hanging out in your bathroom as well. You want to make sure you know what you are dealing with in your bathroom and how they end up there. The bathroom has several elements that are great for some pests. They are usually kept a little warmer that some of the other parts of the house as well as moisture that is needed for some pests. The bathroom can play host to many types of pests that you want to make sure are treated and removed from your home.

All-Rite Pest Control Outlines Why Tiny Black & Brown Bugs & Other Pests are On You Bathroom Floor

Roaches Coming Up the Drain: One of the things you are probably not thinking about is how they are able to get in the bathrooms. One of the pests you are sure to find in your bathroom are cockroaches. They are a pest that if they are left alone they can start to procreate and you will have an infestation in no time. The interesting thing about cockroaches is that they can and will come up through the drain. Some people are shocked to find cockroaches in their bathroom since they haven’t seen any heading up the stairs or walking around the house. The drain is access to the sewer and that is where you will find plenty of cockroaches. If they are in an area that has been overrun with cockroaches they are likely to start traveling to a new location. That could mean that they are heading up through your drains and into your bathroom. Keeping your drains clear from debris and your home treated for pests is a great place to start.
Silverfish & Earwig Infestation: There are two very common pests that are found inside a bathroom. They are called a silverfish and an earwig. They have some of the same needs and that is to have a place that has enough moisture to survive. Just like many pests need access to nesting materials others needs to be kept moist or they will dry out. They are found under bathroom mats, around the bathtub and in the sink to name a few. You want to make sure you have your home treated to keep these unwanted pests out of your house.
Drain Flies:Drain flies are often seen flying around bathroom sinks and bathtub drains. The larvae feed on grime in the pipes and once matured, they fly up out and into your bathroom. While not dangerous, they can definitely be annoying. To get rid of drain flies, you will have to have the plumbing pipes cleaned and fix any leaks.

Professional Pest Management

Another reason that you might see pests in your bathroom is that you have allowed an infestation of any common pests to go untreated. They will start in one area and branch out when they accumulate. You also can have pests in the bathroom if there are access points that they were able to get in through the house. All-Rite Pest Control can come out and treat your home for unwanted pests that might be hiding in your bathroom or any other room in the house. Call us today!