Prevention & Control of Common Rodents in Winchester, KY; Norway Rats, House & Deer Mice

Rodents are found in nearly every corner of the world. Mice and rats are known carriers of diseases and ailments as well as being destructors of homes and businesses. Usually, these tiny invaders come inside structures in the fall, when food becomes less available, but will come inside any time throughout the year. Once inside […]

What Season Do Roaches Come Out the Most in Georgetown, KY? Hint; Cockroaches Like Heat!

When it comes to changing seasons there are aspects that really help distinguish each one. The cold temperatures with potential snow can help you realize that winter is here. When there are beautiful leaves that are changing color and falling off the trees the fall is here. The longer days with full sun is summer […]

Are Bed Bugs Worse in Summer or Winter in Lawrenceburg, KY? Bites, Histamines & More

Are bed bugs a summer time pest? That is the million-dollar question that has many pest control companies across the nation at odds. Bed bugs are found all year long, however, when summer hits there is an increase of calls pertaining to bed bugs. This is not due to them coming out of hibernation for […]

Termite Superstitions & Myths in Frankfort, KY; Termites Can’t Eat Teak Hardwood & More

A termite infestation can be devastating. Termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the United States every year, and U.S. residents spend about $5 billion dollars every year to control and repair damage associated with them. There are some 2,000 known termite species in the world. They are known as “silent destroyers” that eat 24 hours […]

Carpenter Ant or Fire Ant in Versailles, KY; Color of Ants, Behavior, Diet, Bites & More

The amount of pests that you may have in your home may surprise you. The biggest problem is that within one specific type of pest there can be many species. This is true when talking about bees such as honey bees and carpenter bees. It is also true with cockroaches like the American or Oriental […]

What Does a House Fly Do When it Lands in Lexington, KY? Disgusting Facts About Flies

During the hot summer months humans and pests alike will do just about anything to get out of the heat and cool down in an air conditioned room. As children and adults open the front and back doors of your house you will notice that pesky bugs and insects will quickly try to fly or […]

Where Do Mosquitoes Live in Richmond, KY & How to Mosquito Proof Your Yard this Season

Mosquitoes don’t seem to bother us until we have a red, itchy bite on our skin. Mosquitoes are most definitely an annoyance and will surely ruin an evening outside. There are 176 known mosquito species in the United States and they can pose a health hazard to people and animals. Over 1,000 Americans experience illness […]

Fear of Pests in Nicholasville, KY; Why Humans are Scared & Afraid of Bugs & How to Stop!

The thing about pests is that they are nasty and there are not many people that don’t mind them around. Small kids have a fear of monsters in the closet while adults might have a fear of flying or heights. The fear that we have is usually based on some kind of information that we […]

Black House Spider Facts in Winchester, KY; Size, Bite, How to Get Rid of Spiders & More

One common resident of Kentucky is the Black House Spider. The black house spider is considered one of the more dangerous spiders in the state. Although their bite isn’t fatal, it can still have strong side effects. All-Rite Pest Control will share more about the black house spider, where they can be found in the […]

Do Paper Wasps Sting? How to Get Rid of Stinging Insects & Nests in Georgetown, KY

Wasps are a notorious flying insect that delivers repeated stings to perceived threats. They can quickly clear out a picnic or BBQ as they come to pilfer the meats and sweets that are around. Where most people can easily recognize a wasp, they are many different species that though similar, they still have their own […]